Kickin’ It Old School – Hermosa Style

    Los Angeles – “Hermosa,” in Spanish, means beautiful.  Trust us, Hermosa Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  And, the soft sand, the water and the “pier plaza” or “promenade” make it walking friendly. Take a cab downtown and you’ll be able to take in plenty of cocktails, food and some of the best cover bands in the South Bay.

    The Bar at The Mermaid


    Park yourself at The Mermaid, a bar that’s so authentically old school, we wouldn’t be surprised if the owners thought social media meant sitting around the tube watching Dallas with their neighbor – which is part of their charm.  For at least a half a century, this historic bar, located right on the strand, hasn’t changed a bit. You can grab a cocktail and watch the sun go down or if you’re a voyeur, park yourself in front of the bay windows to people watch. Don’t go to The Mermaid for the service or to find the next great “mixologist.” Go there to sit in a booth and let the history seep in.  Then, walk out the front door and cross the promenade to…

    The Lighthouse Cafe on The Promenade


    …Another Hermosa fixture, The Lighthouse, which has been around for decades and consistently features great bands that take you back in time.  A favorite is Thank U Drive Thru, a band that’ll give you a serious blast to the past with their awesome 80’s and 90’s cover songs. If you don’t go willingly to the dance floor, knock back a vodka/Red Bull and you’ll be crying out “My Sharona” with the best of ’em in no time. And when you don’t think you can rock out any longer because your stomach’s growling and you’re dehydrated, it just may be time to head on over to…

    Zeppy’s Pizza


    Our mouths are watering just thinking about these insanely delectable pies.  Don’t bother sitting at a table, grab a slice or two to go and sit on the promenade with an ice cold Coke.

    After all that you’ll be ready to call it a night.  We recommend you call a cab and get home to a warm bed so you can dream of all those cover songs that Rock(ed) You Like a Hurricane.

    LA Contributor: Rebecca Stay

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